Why Students Miss School and What You Can Do About It – DPSCD Principal Academy, 2023

Our presentation for the 2023 DPSCD Principal Academy on the complex and intersecting causes of chronic absenteeism within Detroit schools. Included are policy recommendations for how to best support families and students in efforts to improve attendance.

The State of Detroit Schools, Students, and Families

This presentation was given in a series of State of the Schools events organized by our partner 482Forward.

Neighborhoods, Community Development, and Attendance

This presentation for the Strategic Neighborhood Fund's Workgroup focused on the connection between neighborhood conditions and access to education through enrollment and attendance.

Enrollment, Mobility, and Attendance in Detroit

This presentation for the State of Michigan's CEPI Longitudinal Data System Advisory Board showcased research on Detroit student attendance and mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UCEA 2022 Presentation

Chronic Absenteeism in Detroit: Addressing Systemic & Structural Inequities through Participatory Action Research

The Missing Link: Housing Instability and Chronic Student Absenteeism

This presentation for CDAD's Community Development Week highlighted the connections between family housing instability and student absenteeism.